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SPACERGLASS TM is the brandname for a specific woven textile by 3D Weaving, a belgian technical weaver. SPACERGLASS TM is made out of E-glass fibers, woven in two standard woven glass fabrics. They are connected by vertical pile yarns. Combine these textiles with phenol, vinylester, polyester or epoxy resins, and it becomes ultra strong, rigid and lightweight core material. SPACERGLASS TM can be used with many different applications, it distinguishes itself from foam, balsa, wood, … because of its hollow structure, non-rotting and other characteristics.

In which applications SPACERGLASS is used?

Because of its hollow structure and lightweight, SPACERGLASS TM can be implemented in many specific applications, such as: heating or cooling medium in composites, leak detection, lightweight panels, insulation, impact resistance, accoustic damping, reinforcement, …


Marble reinforcement

image of an application with SPACERGLASS

what sectors rely on SPACERGLASS technology?

SPACERGLASS TM is used for GPR tank builders and tank repair. Automotive, aviation, marine, flooring panels for trains and busses. Solar panels and green energy industry, furniture, housing contruction… in short: anything you can imagine!

SPACERGLASS specifications

Table with information about materials used in SPACERGLASS
Table with more information about SPACERGLASS
SPACERGLASS specifications of the E-glass woven textile
tabel of the standard constructions of SPACERGLASS


Distributors all over the world

Spacerglass products are offered through a network of highly trained and experienced distributors
throughout the world that provide stock keeping and shipping services
as well as technical support and complimentary solutions for your composite products.

For contact details of the distributors you can refer to pascal@3dweaving.com, Mr. Pascal Ghekiere.
Your request for information or a quotation will be answered immediately
either by our distributor or from 3D Weaving directly if a distributor is not (yet) available in your country.

Distributors are available in most of the European countries,
the United States, Baltic states, Russia and in South Africa:

is a product of 3D Weaving
and manufactured in the heart of Europe (near Brussels).
3D Weaving has over 50 years experience in woven fabrics and
is specialized in technical textiles.


  • 3D Weaving location in Belgium
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